Blades Story

Tai D. Graves’s Grandfather and Father were both hair stylists, and his family has been doing hair for almost 100 years. Clawson Tai left Graves School of Hairstyling to his son Tai, who took over his Father’s legacy after high school and became a Licensed Instructor at Graves School of Hairstyling, where he later opened a Barbering Program. Graves’s passion for the Barbering end of the business led him to open Blades in Downtown Washington D.C. Blades has been open since August of 2009, and provides downtown men and women with great services such as haircuts, hot shaves etc. Blades goal is to provide old fashioned barbering services with a modern twist.

Service Price
Cologne $1.00
Shoe Shine $8.00
Boot Shine $11.00
Eyebrow Tint $8.00
Eyebrow Wax $13.00
Facial Mask $13.00
Hot Shave $19.00
Neck Shave $5.00
Men’s Haircut $21.00
Women’s Haircut $35.00
Style After Cut $13.00
Outling $7.00
Manicure $15.00
Men’s Hi-Lights $23.00 & Up
Women’s Hi-Lights $65.00 & Up
Men’s All-Over Color $23.00 & Up
Woment’s All-Over Color $45.00 & Up