Manicure Ideas That Are Trending This Fall

At this point, we have seen countless ideas for new nail designs on Instagram, but to select the ones that we really will be able to practice taking into account what the stores and the best nail salons offer we have made a compilation so that you are clear what are you going to do in your next fall manicure .

Shapes. In the first place, short nails are still a trend because there are many who continue to bet on the most comfortable manicure . Now that we continue to use hydroalcoholic gels and constantly wash our hands , pragmatism is reluctant to abandon them also in a matter of manicure. This influences the length of the nails, which, the shorter, the more bacteria and dirt are prevented from accumulating. Therefore, the length remains very restrained in many of the proposals. Secondly, the most common shape is the square one , but domestically curved ones also triumph because it is the simplest natural shape that we can make ourselves with a file.

Trends :

We see many simple geometric designs (such as the tri-color manicure in red tones ) featuring solid monochromatic tones , some with white accents, black dots and glitter. It is also positioned as a trend to enamel a finger of each color combining shades of the more autumnal ranges.

Colors : here we get into the range of more natural or nude shades, grays, blues, burgundy and browns . Also any color with glitter will be more than welcome.

Treatments :

moisturizing and nourishing hand creams are undoubtedly still an essential hit. In this sense, the second secret to achieve a perfect manicure is to take care of the nails and cuticles with the best oils that keep them in good condition after so much washing and disinfectant gel. Therefore, a good hand cream will always be more than welcome in your bag and dedicate a few extra minutes to your hands, the best gesture of beauty that you can give them.

With these basic guidelines clear, let’s get started! These are the manicure trends that you cannot lose sight of this fall.

  • Simple and minimalist manicures
  • Freehand manicure with natural base
  • Dotted manicure
  • Metallic and shiny manicure
  • Gradient manicure in autumn tones
  • Manicure ‘nude’
  • Geometric manicures
  • Chocolate brown manicure
  • ‘Butter yelllow’ or pastel yellow manicure
  • Jewel-toned manicure
  • Beige manicure
  • Purple manicure
  • Inverted French manicure
  • Decorated French manicure
  • Very natural (and extra long) manicure
  • Manicure in makeup tone
  • Animal-inspired manicures

Essie experts remind us that a poor diet, stress or the use of poor quality nail polish can be some reasons why your nails break . Therefore, they recommend us:

Take care of the diet

Follow a diet rich in vitamins and minerals such as zinc, iron or calcium and you will avoid problems with your nails. They are basic for their growth and training.

Let your nails rest

Do not abuse manicures. Give your nails a break every now and then to make them look healthy and strong.

Use good nail polishes

Because poor quality nail polish will only give you trouble. ¿ The reason? Toxic.

Hydrate them

Especially at this time, they are exposed to more frequent hand washes that dry out the surface layer, in addition to hydroalcoholic gels. In this case it also “abuses” the hand cream.

Strengthen your nails

It is advisable to apply ‘top coats’ or enamels with treatments that, in addition to giving a nice and shiny finish, treat them. Especially if they are sensitive and fragile . If this is your case, take note of these products to treat brittle nails . In this sense, the Essie firm has its ‘Treat, love & color’ treatment available . In its formula it contains MSM, which helps to care for and maintain them; shimmering pigments to give a luminous color and green tea extract, which is hydrating and nourishing.