Male Haircuts: The Styles You Should Follow And How To Take Care Of It

The Buzz-Cut:

One of the most popular men’s haircuts this season and that you are sure to want to have. There are a couple of variants of this that do not necessarily have to be almost almost shaved

Ivy League:

it has a fading in the back and in the sideburns that allows to use a machine, but it is generally with scissors. Easy: short on the sides and back, long at the top (the one we see in the photo).

Crew cut:

the military man. Is shorter than the past

The classic buzz-cut:

This one is easy to maintain and of course, to style, it’s like a reset to your hair. Very, very short, with the number 1 and even 0.5.


According to several experts (and we have listened to them), “sophisticated grunge” is that classic, but modern cut. It does not go out of style because it has that timeless effect and it is one of the most recommended because it will make you look very stylish in a suit or lifting weights.
Tip: If you have heavy and / or straight hair, this is for you.

Look Change:

There is nothing more radical than this in the world of male grooming . To achieve this without being wrong, you have to consider your face shape and hair type to obtain the ideal balance and achieve your best self. Also, start with a long to short style, in case it doesn’t turn out the way you had it in mind, have a bit of range to correct it.
TIP: Get straight to ask the expert for a court opinion, so that they can take the reference of the shape of your face.
Options To Style Your Hair
We tell you about the waxes that help to change the shape of your hair, to the treatments you need to get more shine, here are some suggestions for one of our favorite options:

 1. Special Styling Left

 Living proof’s foaming paste works to control the medium weight of your hair with a matte finish, and works for both wet and dry hair, with natural shine.


2. Night Time

In The Middle: to have more manageable hair, this Perfect hair Day hair treatment works by applying it before going to bed, from root to end, improving shine and color.


3. Basic Rule

On the right: this Living proof moldable wax will help you achieve all possible styles of hairstyles and its texture has the versatility for you to change them from day to night, it is very easy.


Three Hair Care Tricks

These are for everyone, long or short styles. The new collection of Head & Shoulders Hydration Coconut Oil will leave your hair healthy, hydrated and free of dandruff:
 1. Avoid Frizz On the left
 styling cream , with dandruff control components and conditioning actives, facilitates detangling and provides extra protection against keratin loss.
2. Special Care In the middle
 the Coconut Oil shampoo removes impurities and dirt from contamination, a basic point for combing any style of cut.
3. Extra Hydration
On the right: nothing like the Dermo-Conditioner will give you supplemental hydration that, combined with its dandruff control technology, shows healthy, strong and shiny hair.